Ralph created at least one image every day of 2003

At the end of 2002, digital photography was becoming almost affordable (for my budget), and I began to think about retiring my set of Olympus OMs. However I didn't want to jump straight in, and also couldn't afford a camera that matched the quality of my Olympus 35mm kit, so I decided to put just a toe in the water.

This is what I wrote at the time:

"365 is a very simple and unoriginal idea — a photograph taken every day for a year: whatever is happening; wherever the photographer is; whatever my mood, health, well-being; whatever the weather.

I've set myself only a few rules. The medium is digital photography at almost its most primitive, using one of the least expensive consumer cameras, the Olympus Camedia 120, which has a maximum resolution of 2 million megapixels and a wide-angle no-focus lens. I've retained the right to manipulate the resulting image using Photoshop. Or not. There may be a title, some notes, some thoughts. There may be nothing. There may be a link to further images or a story. Some images may be captured using my scanner (Umax Astra 2200).

There is no doubt that much will be banal. I cannot predict or even hope for any masterpieces. Indeed I cannot guess what my creation will look like until it is finished, on December 31st 2003. Perhaps it will be embarrassing. Perhaps fulfilling. One of the major challenges will be keeping it going."

Well, of course I managed it, with some close shaves (photographs taken at 11:45pm, for example)! And some of the results weren't all that mundane after all. I'm proud of what I achieved.

Originally I published each image as I took it. That was effective but clumsy, nearly a decade later. So I've reformatted the nevigation using album software provided by jAlbum, and although all the images are the originals, and are in chronological order, they are now presented by month, and as (optional) slideshows.

I hope you enjoy browsing them!

The view through the bottom of a beer glass, January 1st 2003
The very first photo: January 1st 2003. The bottom of a glass of celebratory beer imbibed at a party in Howgill, Cumbria.

Lenore Ogilvy, December 31st 2003
The very last photo: December 31st 2003. My partner Lenore at a party in our new home in Nottingham.