...Before and after!


At the far end of the allotment was an area that had once been, I think, a substantial greenhouse and subsequently cold-frames. I needed to tidy it up in a hurry because my ex-colleague Lisa had given me a greenhouse, and I'd decided to erect it here before the end of February, so that I could begin to germinate seeds etc etc.. This meant demolishing of a lot of old brick walls and footings, as well as moving significant amounts of rubbish.

These two pictures don't really demonstrate the amount of work involved! I'll have to include a photo of the resulting pile of bricks and rubble. Also, you can't see the masses of bindweed roots and all the smaller bits of rubble and glass in the soil. It will all have to be dug and sifted... Before...

Another view after the demolition. The recent windstorm blew the roof off the ramshackle lean-to beside the shed entrance, so that has gone too