The allotment on 20th February 2007
...Coming along nicely (despite my broken arm — I've been labouring unbeknown with a cracked ulna!).

Bed in the centre dug ready for potatoes, and another on the far side ready for some root vegetables.>

The greenhouse rises...
The greenhouse is going up, rather drunkenly at the moment as nothing's been tightend up, no glass yet and I've lost a crucial corner bit! I've also dug up the tall column that stood in the middle of the area. It was hard work, but worth it... Note the huge pile of bricks in the background, all dug up from this area over the past few weeks.

Onions, garlic, broad beans and peas (with large gaps and nibblings) coming on well. Cabbages not so cheerful. Planted carrots (under cloches), parsnips and leeks today.