The allotment on 20th April 2009
...Spring has definitely sprung!

Fleece protects baby broad beans in the foreground, while the Japanese onions are looking lively. November's broad beans are busily flowering behind them (no backfly yet, thank goodness). In the left-hand distance, the rhubarb is coming along nicely, and beyond it, the peas I planted last year are also flowering happily, against a backdrop of globe artichokes. New peas are under cloches.

In the middle distance you can't quite see the asparagus beyond the tunnel cloche (asparagus peas). The leeks have gone (we're eating the last right now), but further away you can see the rows of beet, chard, parsnips, turnips, swede, spinach and (new this year) scorzerena.

In the centre, raspberries, then to the left of the pond, soft fruit. Behind the raspberries, the potatoes are all in, and the first leaves are beginning to show.

This is a great time of year!