A heap of difference

I've hated the north east corner of the allotment for a while. It was a mess. Two untidy piles of bricks and rubble were surrounded by plant and other debris. I never had time to tidy it up, and it just got worse. So the fine weather of the last couple of days gave me the opportunity to do something about it..

I moved all the bricks and rubble from the western heap onto a tidied eastern heap. Then I laid down a layer of plant rubbish on the exposed area as a preliminary to spreading compost. It's going to become a cucumber, squash and courgette patch. I demolished the temporary compost bin on the bean bed and re-erected it beside the new brick mountain.

Phew! That was a hard couple of days. But it was worth it!

The mess before
The mess before

The mess after
The much tidier patch

The brick pile before
The brick pile and compost heap before

The bick pile has gone
The brick pile has gone!

The now-tidier corner
The new brick heap and cucumber patch. What you can't see is the mixture of soil and glass in the foreground. Ho hum...