When I began my MA in Historical Archaeology last September, I'd imagined that I'd have plenty of spare time to continue working on the allotment. Well, I didn't. So the plot was pretty well ignored for three months, and I failed to plant broad beans and garlic at the end of the autumn. Ho hum! But this term's university timetable is a little more forgiving, so I'm intending/hoping to make some progress over the next few weeks.

Anyway, I spent the first couple of sessions of 2010 clearing the mess I'd left, especially all the dead vegetation. I also moved and consolidated the various compost heaps into a single huge one.

It was good to be back on the plot, despite the grey, gloomy weather and the smoke from Paddy's stove (cough splutter).

The plot before I began work in January 2010
The allotment as I found it on 19th January, a bit of a mess!

After the first few hours' work
What do you mean you can't see any change? Spot the difference!

The allotment on 21st January 2010
After some hefty heaving...