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  • A viti to a tiny Manitoba hamlet. original:lenore_manitoba_1997_title.jpg;;width:1024;;height:848
  • Lenore lies in the midst of a Prairie landscape. original:lenore_manitoba_1997_7a.jpg;;width:1024;;height:848
  • The grain elevator at Lenore (still extant in 2016) stands at what was once the terminus of a branch railway line, ripped up in the late 1970s. original:lenore_manitoba_1997_1b.jpg;;width:663;;height:1000
  • Lenore at Lenore original:lenore_manitoba_1997_1a.jpg;;width:982;;height:1000
  • Lenore at her post office. original:lenore_manitoba_1997_2a.jpg;;width:474;;height:1000
  • Lenore Coimmunity Centre had seen better days original:lenore_manitoba_1997_3a.jpg;;width:733;;height:1000
  • Lenore at Lenore original:lenore_manitoba_3b.jpg;;width:644;;height:1000
  • Lenore's Gulf Service Station is still there (2016) but has lost its lettering original:lenore_manitoba_1997_5a.jpg;;width:1024;;height:642
  • Lenore at Lenore original:lenore_manitoba_1997_4a.jpg;;width:756;;height:1000
  • Lenore at Lenore original:lenore_manitoba_1997_4b.jpg;;width:474;;height:1000
  • At one time I read that the school bell had been stolen, but it seems that recently the memorial has been rebuilt. original:lenore_manitoba_1997_6a.jpg;;width:757;;height:1000
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