Eevrything they say is true!

My memories of California will range from the usual — sweltering on a blindingly-white beach surrounded by beautiful young women in bikinis and watching handsome young men repeatedly fall off surf boards; to the educational — an hour spent in a San Francisco leather shop, surrounded by chains and handcuffs; to the unique — days spent wandering in Joshua Tree National Monument; to the mundane — driving along interstates glittering with broken glass; to the spectacular — camping beside the Pacific.

Entering California from the east, we wound through green and rich arable farmland. We drove past the nodding donkeys of oil fields. We saw a hillside covered with scores of wind-powered electricity generators, as alien as any science fiction-imagined world.

In Joshua Tree we watched the smog rolling inland from Los Angeles.

In San Louis Obispo we witnessed great and ostentatious wealth. But back from the highways, ,amongst battered mobile homes and the skeletons of cars, we also saw abject poverty, dusty truckstop towns like Desert Centre.

And we rattled along in trams and streetcars in the handsome city of San Francisco, a place to which we'll return as soon as we can
Joshua Tree National Park
Curious cacti
San Francisco
Ralph gets chatted up by men
San Louis Obispo
Bubble Gum Alley
Lost Palms Oasis
Perishing tadpoles
California Gallery
Images of the south west