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Cycling from Hartington to Matlock, Magpie Mine

This ride took us up the Tissington Trail from Hartington and then eastwards across the rolling plateau. We cycled through a series of pleasant villages, past the Magpie Mine, which we'd hiked to from Bakewell last year. We then joined the Monsal Trail, another disused railway, riding along it north of Bakewell.

Then the character of the ride changed again as we bounced up a gravel lane, disturbing dozens of fat pheasants. Having got to the top of the hill we headed downhill into a valley (the fact that once you've gained ground you then lose it again really annoys Lenore!), before being forced to walk our bikes up the steepest hill of the route, at xxxx.

Several more ups and downs brought us to Matlock, a town spoiled by the heavy traffic that rumbles through it continuously. The Youth Hostel is up a steep hill. Have you ever noticed that Youth Hostels are always up steep hills? It's a more basic hostel than Hartington, but comfortable enough, the only bad thing was our being woken at 3:30am by a loud, seemingly never-ending conversation in the self-catering kitchen.



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