Memories of No. 5 British Flying Training School
Riddle Field, Clewiston, Florida, USA


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HP Mills December 1941
HP Mills December 1941

HPM in working clothes


Barrack interior

Shot from rear cockpit during cross-country flight -- pilot is Mr. J. Gilbert

Barrack interior

Camp swimming pool

Buggs Trowbridge, Cpl Hollis, F.F. Thomas

On the 9th green at Clewiston: note the sugar mill in background

On the tennis courtsb at Clewiston -- Rigg in foreground and King-Meggatt serving in the background

R.V. Walker, primary flying instructor

Flight line group

Mr. Newton, the primary dispatcher

On the flight-line, December 1941

Flying Parade
Rockerfeller Centre NY
Rockefeller Centre, New York

Near Fort Myers, December 1941. left to Right: Bert Hogffman, T. Raffe. H.P. Mills, Don Hoffman, B.R. Brooks

Taken by Lester Harvey

H.P. Mills in Bayfront Park, Miami

B.R. Brooks in Bayfront Park, Miami

West Palm Beach, Christmas 1941. left to Right: H.P. Mills, Dona Rowe, T. Raffe, H.W. Kidd

Ruthelle (nearest camera) and Ann at Lake Worth. Ormarell at left - just visible - and a glimpse of Sonny's arm to the right

Claire and myself at Lake Worth near Palm Beach. Note the green shirt.



Claire -- taken at Lake Worth


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