Memories of No. 5 British Flying Training School
Riddle Field, Clewiston, Florida, USA

After he graduated from university in 1941, my late father was trained to fly at what had been a private air field in Florida.

This is a collection of photographs from that exciting year in the USA that he never forgot. I have on my desk a miniature Coca Cola bottle containing a strip of faded ribbon that had once been red, white and blue - one of the few souvenirs he kept from that time.

There are of course some mysteries here that perhaps we'll never solve. Who were the young women? Are some of them still alive? Who were the young men in the photographs? How many of them survived the war, or even the first few months after they returned to Britain? There are photographs taken in New York and Miami, but others of more local scenes. Where were they?

I have some Fly Paper magazines that I'll eventually scan here, as well as some other related material from those heady days of 67 years or so ago.

HP Mills in Florida Album

two at large home

Updated 20th May 2008

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