The misadventures of a legs man

I like short shorts

bottom's up

I'll drink to that!

time for lunch

Time for lunch!

I guess that these three pictures encapsulate much concerning my relationships with women.

The first shows me, dressed in a highly flattering hat (I particularly like the little bit that sticks up on top) and clutching a drink, admiring the long legs of a somewhat quizzical-looking sylph who is clad in fetching short shorts.

It is a scene that has been repeated throughout my life (especially the hat), and no doubt will continue to do so as long as I have breath with which to gasp!

My tastes have not changed in the least, merely matured. I have to say that straw hats have evolved into floppy hars and flat caps and that the drink would preferably be an alcoholic one. But long legs are still an enthusiasm of mine...

The second photograph shows the same couple. But this time the young lady is off, riding her horse, while yours truly is busily, and quite happily, clearing the orange box after elevenses.

Today's partners might make use of a more modern form of transport, but I'm quite happy to be getting supper together for their triumphant return.

The horse, by the way, was a home-made rocking horse. The place, Hounslow or Staines I think, so if you recognise yourself, get in touch!