Artefact illustrations, plans and other stuff...


Hadrian's Wall turret, from published pamphlet

Osoyoos arrowheads

Roman pottery, from published report

Hadrian's Wall window head,
from published pamphlet

Flint implement, pencil drawing

Medieval "toy" cauldron, London

C19th glass bottle

These are just a few of the many hundreds of archaeological and palaeontological illustrations I have created.

fossil amphibian skull

The skull of a fosil amphibian. Note the pineal eye. (Natural History Museum)

dinosaur bones

Dinosaur leg bone. (Natural History Museum)

Roman stone gaming board from Hadrian's Wall

Stone gaming board from Hadrian's Wall

Miniature jug

Miniature jug (Museum of London)

Cu alloy fastener
fossil amphibian brain

Fossil amphibian brain. (Natural History Museum)

illustrations from I SPY book

Pages from I SPY in the Countryside

gaming piece

Gaming piece (Museum of London)

pottery drawing

Pottery drawings

seal key bone pin

Bone seal stamp, Cu alloy key and bone pin (Museum of London)


Cu alloy stud (Museum of London)

Cu alloy fastener

Clothing fastener (Museum of London)

PORTFOLIO (coming)