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lenore taking photograph

We both enjoy photography. As a result there are many images on this web site, though they are but a fraction of those we collect as we mooch about at large...

Technology has changed a lot since we launched this web site. So many of the early photographs are low res and small size (remember dial-up?). We're now into our fourth scanner, but almost all recent images came from digital cameras. Very gradually Ralph is rescanning some of the early photographs, but it will take a long time.

Please note that all our images are copyright. We'd be happy to let you have and use a web copy if you request one, in return for an acknowledging link to our site. If you'd like a higher definition hard copy, again we'd be happy to oblige in return for processing/postage costs.

365 — Ralph took a digital photograph every day of 2003

lenore taking photograph
Many of our images have been collected in "albums". Here's a list:
lenore taking photograph
Greece 2008 Sunshine and ruins in the Peleponnese (coming soon)
Salzburg Ralph wanders round a handsome city
Bristol A quick visit to a historic port city
Cumbria, 2005 Another trip to one of our favourite places
Dorset 2006 We visit the cousins again
Edinburgh We enjoy the Festival, the Fringe and the streets
South Wales, 2006 Hostelling in the far south west of Wales
Forgotten rails The abandoned Ripley branch
Spain, 2007 We discover Murcia
Spain, 2006 We move inland
Spain, 2005 Ralph and Chetna visit Cordoba and Seville
Spain 2003 Our stay in Moraira
Spain, 2002 Our stay in Torrox
Faded Paint An album of painted advertisements
Italy, 2003 A short vacation in a picturesque corner of Parma
North Wales, 2006 Hostelling amongst the slate mines
Montreal, 2005 A stroll around a great city
Canada, 2004 A visit to the interior (coming soon)
Album 2003 A year's worth of images
Arizona The first state on our 1997 trip

Burro Creek

We exult in being warm...
Canyon de Chelly A fascinating canyon in Navajo territory
Grand Canyon A peek over the edge...
California Everything they say is true!
Oregon Volcanic lake to sea shore
Oregon Dunes Sexy sand
Alberta From Rockies to Dinosaurs
The Prairies Who says the prairies are boring?
British Columbia A beautiful and photogenic province
Newfoundland We discover an amazing island province
The Maritimes The opposite side of Canada!
H.P. Mills in Florida Ralph's father learned to fly in Florida in 1941-2
Ralph's Rusty Rails Ralph muses over bits of old railway
Boats A homage to old boats
The Peak District A ramble through the White Peak
France A quick foray into this vast country
Goa Colour, crowds and beaches
Gran Canaria We go hiking amongst volcanoes
Wetlands Ralph's love of damp places
Black and White Album A miscellany of greyscale images

Technical Notes:

Our 35mm images were captured using a variety of Olympus cameras; OM-1s, an OM2, a 35RC, a Stylus and a µ Zoom 140. We tended to use whatever film we could find at the time, but rarely anything faster than 200 ASA. Some of the images are from transparencies.

In 2003 we acquired, as an experiment, a simple 2 megapixel digital camera. Ralph used this mostly as a visual diary, especially at his 365 site.

This was followed by a 4 megapixel Olympus C750 ultrazoom, and now a 6 megapixel Panasonic DMC-FZ7.

Images are reproduced here at low resolution, both for download time reasons and to dissuade people from pinching them! If you'd like a high resolution copy of any picture , please let us know.

lenore taking photograph We now use a CanoScan 8600F scanner, but our earlier scanners produced some doubtful images, especially of transparencies.


lenore taking photograph
lenore taking photograph
lenore taking photograph
lenore taking photograph
lenore taking photograph
lenore taking photograph
lenore taking photograph

updated 28th July 2008

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