Although At Large is about both Lenore Ogilvy and Ralph Mills, it is mostly the creation of the latter, me. Lenore wisely doesn't have the inclination to spend endless hours cursing over HTML and CSS and Photoshop and the like. She's probably too busy getting on with her life. For me, this site is a sort of journal, the diary I've never had the willpower to keep. It's also the photograph album I've never managed to assemble, my digital alternative to the boxes of 35mm transparencies fading long-unseen in the attic and the 6x4 colour prints stored in various shoe boxes.

At Large also reminds me that I am still alive and doing things, some of which might be interesting. It reflects my past and suggests that I have so far led a fairly good life, during which I have been fortunate, privileged, healthy, befriended and loved.

There is always the chance that someone out there might stumble across At Large and discover a kindred soul. In truth I've always secretly hoped that having encountered me here, some gorgeous young thing might suggest dragging me off somwhere and doing unmentionable things to me (cue for much eye-rolling from Lenore). This hasn't happened in the 16 years of the site's existence, so I guess I'm going to have to be satisfied with the occasional, but much-welcomed, expression of interest.

Here's what is up and running as I get on with the upgrade:

Ralph and Lenore
An introduction to who we are and what we do.
Ralph's PhD research
I am in my first year of MPhil/PhD research at MIRIAD, exploring the phenomenon of miniaturisation and focusing on what mass-produced small things meant to "ordinary" people in the nineteenth century, and comparing and contrasting this with the roles everyday miniature objects play in our lives in the present. He is looking especially at miniature objects found in archaeological investigations of working-class contexts from the recent and contemporary past.
Ralph At Large
A brief survey of Ralph's experiences in field archaeology and a scatter of places.
Fires of Prometheus
Ralph's industrial and historical archaeology pages.
At Large in the great outdoors
The beginning of the update of our walking and cycling activities.
Ralph took a photograph every day of 2003. This is a month by month presentation of the images Ralph doggedly achieved each and every day of that year!
The launch of a section that focuses on Ralph's keen interest in canals.