The Kudos File

These people have been good to us -- thank you all!:

In Walla Walla, Washington:
Chick's Auto Electric took the time to talk to us about our mysteriously vanishing low beams, and correctly diagnosed the fact that both bulbs had gone at the same time, charging us nothing.
At Dayl Graves Pontiac Buick GM Dealer,Todd Lightfoot spent a lot of time, again charging us nothing, poring over parts lists and asking questions until our idling speed problem was finally solved.
In Kingman, Arizona:
Belle and Sherman Husser (Erica's grandparents) opened their home to us all (it was the first bed we'd slept in for a while), allowed us to do a lot of laundry, entertained us and showed us Route 66 and Lake Havasu City -- Ralph and Lenore, as strangers, were made very welcome, and thank them for their hospitality.

In Tuba City, Arizona:

The staff of the Public Library allowed us to use a spare telephone line for over an hour to connect to CompuServe and upload our web site files to the server at Simon Fraser University.

In San Luis Obispo, California:

Photography 101, 842 Monterey Street (805) 785-0101 helped us out. Our colour print camera, an old Olympus 35 RC (a great camera that even survived being dropped into Chilliwack Lake a few years ago) was occasionally ripping film sprockets. Photography 101 sold us a cheap and cheerful second-hand back-up, yet treated us as though we were buying a top-of-the-line model. Also, on hearing that we were leaving town in a couple of days, they gave us a 12 exposure film with which to test the camera before we left, just in case. They are fun people too. Don't forget to ask if you can't see what you want in the showroom.
Lenore's cousin Tanya

In Pismo Beach, California:

We acquired some extra perforations at Body Adornments.

We were put up, fed and watered very generously by Lenore's cousin Tanya and her husband Gregorio.

In Stamford, California:

We took over the bedroom of Lenore's one-time SFU engineering classmate Bruce Woodley for several days, and forced our way into the apartment, and the lives, of Amit, Jay, and Amin! Thanks a million, guys. Ralph arrived with a streaming cold, and, suspiciously, everyone in the apartment and beyond was similarly aflicted by the time we left, but we all agreed that the incubation time was too short for R. to have been the harbinger of the dread disease... Bruce is working on various exciting things to do with manipulation of things in outer space, and little helicopters.

At the Natural Arch Campground, Oregon:

The US Forestry Service Patrol left a note on our table explaining that the brand-new vault toilet near our site, which was locked when we arrived, had just been opened, and apologized for the inconveniece (an apt phrase in the circumstance). We very much appreciated their concern. We also hope that the camp site stays low-cost and unimproved -- we liked it very much as it is, and are finding that no-fee or low fee sites are becoming rarer and rarer!

At Eugene, Oregon:

The Reference Department of the Public Library let us use a phone line to pick up e-mail.

At William Tugman State Park, Oregon:

On Memorial Day, two nearby campers, Tom Osborne I and Tom Osborne II generously gave us a heap of fire wood as they left for their homes in Coos Bay. They're on the Internet, and we hope they manage to read this -- many thanks!

In Osoyoos, British Columbia:

Maureen and Blair Ogilvy, Lenore's parents, have given us hospitality, support, technical and practical help and advice both before and during our journey. We have slept in almost every room in their house, eaten their food, spread our belongings across their floors and in their garage, and much else. THANK YOU!! They also let us stay in their motorhome when we arrived back in B.C. in October.

In Vancouver, British Columbia:

David Allison let us use his phone and fax after our van was broken into, and lent us a camera as a temporary replacement for those that were stolen. We liked the camera so much we bought one...
Vancouver Policerecovered three of our stolen cameras after they were pawned -- thank goodness we had the serial numbers. Detective Chodat and his partner kept in touch with us via e-mail, and even delivered the cameras to our friend Weldon Wong, in Burnaby.
Lucinda Attwood, who taught us everything we've forgotten about Photoshop and web page design and who isn't responsible in any way for the peculiarities of this site, patiently answered a long list of questions we'd assembled as we'd worked on this stuff, and fed us into the bargain!

On Thetis Island, British Columbia

Roneen Marcoux allowed us to disturb her retreat, to share her cabin and to sleep in her spare bunk some10 exciting feet above the floor.

In Mechosin, British Columbia:

Berle Zwaan and Diane Howe put us up splendidly for several days.

In Courtenay, British Columbia:

Roberta Mason and Colin Wilson extended their robust hospitality to us and allowed Ralph to spend every morning after breakfast poring through old National Geographic magazines. Roberta also sewed our sheets together to create the sheet sleeping bag in which L. and R. get entangled nightly.

In Maple Ridge, British Columbia:

Claire and Derek Gullmes surrendered their spare room and part of their basement to us for several days while we organized ourselves for Phase Two of our adventure. Derek and Lenore had to put up with Claire and Ralph being very English for a few days -- Ta very much! Claire and Derek also put us up when we arrived in Vancouver in November.


In Wawanesa, Saskatchewan:

Glen McGregor, General Manager of the Wawanesa Insurance Head Office, allowed Ralph to access CompuServe from his own office. It was good of Mr. McGregor to give Ralph that amount of time in a busy company environment. Thanks for the centennial pin too!

In Winnipeg, Manitoba:

Donald and Marsha Grant let us sleep on their floor, and we were entertained by Rachel, Rebecca and Samuel.
Chad Lavoie, at Brian Reimer Audio, fitted a diode(for nothing) to our security system that got rid of a constant whine that had annoyed us since the system was upgraded in Calgary.

In Ottawa, Ontario:

Lenore's friend Gillian Wood put us up for a couple of nights, despite being in the midst of packing to move to Belgium.

Ralph and Lenore in a kayak

On a creek near Cape Enrage, New Brunswick:

Fellow paddler Barbara Waithe, who lives in New Westminster, B.C., very kindly took the photograph of Lenore and Ralph in a kayak (they'd been bemoaning the fact that they hadn't brought a camera with them) and sent them a copy.

In St. Martins, New Brunswick:

Rhonda Meahan (another ex-colleague) and her wonderful family took us in and extended much hospitality at a tough time when hardly-known visitors could have been emotionally trying.

In Port au Choix, Newfoundland:

Elizabeth Plowman-Waters, Mayor and Ralph's ex colleague, put us up, fed us and showed us around.

In St John's, Newfoundland:

Doug and Barbara Wood, Gillian Wood's parents, let us use their basement suite for two nights, and allowed us to hog their phone line for a couple of hours when we uploaded our latest web files.
In Halifax, Nova Scotia:
Peter and Elizabeth Landry put us up in some style at very short notice. ralph regrets he didn't have more time to drool over Peter's collecton of model railways. Ho hum...


In Saint John, New Bunswick:

Robert Patterson, portly and affable wildlife artist, who was doing a stint in the Art Club gallery, let Ralph use the phone jack to access e-mail.
In Devils Lake, North Dakota:

Denise, at the Chamber of Commerce, let us upload e-mail using their phone jack.

In Cornwall, Ontario:

Two friendly ladies, Ann Lauzon and Carmel Gallinger, at the Travel Information Centre, let us use their fax line to upload e-mail.

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