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At Large in Great Britain

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These people have been very kind to us!

In Hinxton, Cambridgeshire:
David Barrett welcomed us into his cosy (= just about enough room to swing a cat) home and let us live in his study for far too long.
In Newcastle:
Sam Bayliss-Mills gave up his bed for us and he and Paul let us take over their flat for a week-end.
In Leeds:
CatherineCatherine Tse put up with us bursting into her life for a week, and her flatmates Emily, Sandra and Xenia suffered us cluttering up their kitchen.
In Canterbury:
Matthew and Sarah Mills, and Tim and Lizzie provided us with a private suite by housing us in their caravan and shared their home and lives for nearly a week.
In Witham on the Hill:
Peter and Joyce Mills have suffered us many times, giving us shelter, food, and laundry facilities. And who says one can get too old to go home to mum and dad?

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