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February 2007



  • We holidayed and walked in Spain, December/January 2006-7
  • We took over an allotment on 1st October.
  • Ralph visited Salzburg, Austria
  • We walked along Derwent Edge.
  • We walked near Heage with Jenny and Darren.
  • We went to the Edinburgh Festival and then walked the Northumberland coast.
  • Ralph launched his freelance web site on 1st August.
  • In mid-June 2006 we enjoyed a short say in Bristol, and then walked around Newport, Pembrokeshire, just east of Fishguard (pages to come).
  • In May we wandered the hills and explored the slate quarries of North Wales
  • We held a family reunion in April, in Brancaster, North Norfolk (pages to come).
  • Birmingham has more canals than Venice. Ralph walked some of them (pages to come).
  • Ralph's been inspired by Geograph to do some exploring, with the camera, both locally and further afield...


  • In October, Ralph went to do some feeelance work in Montreal
  • We spent a few days exporing Ironbridge.
  • We stayed at Slimbridge Youth Hostel and walked that corner of Gloucestershire (pages to come).
  • We revisited Faversham, Kent, where Ralph was born a few decades ago (!).
  • Ralph spent a week in a cold and wet Spain (serves him right) with our friend Chetna. They went to Cordoba and Seville.
  • We have adopted two cats — Boris and Phoebe. Their mistress is moving abroad, and discovered that it was unlikely that anyone would want to adopt Boris, who is elderly. She didn't want to separate them, however. So we offered them a home. They are very good cats, but have, of course, taken over our lives...


  • We spent August 2004 in British Columbia (pages to come).
  • Ralph went on tour with Nottingham Symphonic Winds in the Black Forest of Germany
  • We spent a great week in deepest Shropshire


  • We moved to New Basford, Nottingham, in December 2003
  • We spent Christmas 2003 in Spain
  • DON'T FORGET TO VISIT 365 (to see the whole of 2003 in photographs)

Lenore is an education consultant.

Ralph is a freelance writer, is still writing his bestseller (!), is amusing himself by writing erotic short stories, tapping stuff into his blog (which thankfully no-one ever reads), pottering, and prevaricating.

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