We spend our time outdoors walking, cycling or camping. Or just wandering, which is dificult to define, because it may be purposeless, or directionless. Also, we haven't done much camping in Europe recently, mostly because we've been spoilt by our North American experiences. Since we intend to spend as much time as possible outdoors in the future, this page is worth revisiting...

Ralph outdoors

The outdoors is very important to me...always has been. This section is therefore always expanding as I cover new ground both on foot and cycling. I'm not a fanatic, don't climb amazing mountains, don't own walking poles or red socks. Walking and cycling are, for me, ways to get close to places and experience the detail that so often we miss when travelling by car. I am frustrating to walk with, because I'm always zig-zagging like a dog after a scent, catching sight of interesting stuff that I just have to poke my nose into, or at least my camera lens.


February 2012

I'm in the process of upgrading and uploading as many walking and cycling pages as I could manage. One of the problems has been that in the days pre-broadband (Two At Large was launched in 1996) image size was deliberately kept as small as possible. Now those tiny images look miserable. Most of them were scanned colour prints, which I've had to rescan (or will have to). I suppose in another decade or so all images will be life-sized holograms and I'll have to repeat the whole process. Ho hum!