Ralph peers at places

This is an introduction to 75-odd albums of photographs, plus a few words, that together form what is I guess the web equivalent of what was once many long and soporific evenings bathed in the light of a slide projector! They range from scans of ancient snapshots through converted, dusty colour slides (still working on that) to my latest digital images captuered by my Nikon DSLR, and of road trips, romantic vacations and afternoon rambles.

Many are happy snaps, many are "artistic," some mean more to me than you, and some are spectacular! They reflect a love of exploring, of peering closely at the finer details of places and of life, and of photography.

It's a resource that is probably indigestible in large amounts, but worth nibbling at...

Please note: this is the start of a total reorganisation of Two At Large and so is very much a work in progress!

The distant past

I started school in the Yemen
Some of what I remember from five years in Adelaide, South Australia.

The recent past

Ralph in the USA, 1997
Photographs and words resulting from a road trip in a Chevvy panel van called "Thunder."
Ralph in Canada, 1997
We drove across Canada from coast to coast, an amazing experience!
Enough time to fall in love with this country.
A brief and tantalising glimpse.

The 2000s

Canada 2004
Into the Rockies
Canada 2007
A sad visit to British Columbia
Canada 2010
We spent a whole summer in British Columbia
I go in search of ghost signs
A little of this country's colour and energy.
We managed to cover a little of a large country.
A short stay in Parma province.
Gran Canaria
Wanderings in a varied island.
Volcanoes and art
Volcanoes and clouds
My impression of Mozart's city
With a wind orchestra in this wonderful city.
More wind players on tour
We fall in love with another Mediterranean country
Spain 2002
Our first visit to Southern Spain
Spain 2003
Recovering from an exhausting year
Spain 2005
The rain in Spain...
Spain 2006-7
We visit the mountains
Spain 2007-8
We explore Murcia
Spain 2009
Reading week near Malaga
Dublin, Limerick and places in betweeen
North Wales
Slate and castles
South Wales 2006
Coastal paths and old stones
Wales, 2007
Tramways and tramping
Festival time
A great and interesting city
Up North, 2006
Edinburgh and Berwick, castles and sand dunes
Shropshire 2005
At Large in Ironbridge
Shropshire 2008
Snailbeach and
Cumbria 2005
Chepstow, 2007
One of our regular visits to the place where we met
Cumbria 2005
Fun at New Year
Cumbria 2006
Dorset 2006
A visit to Eype
Rails (not quite) to Ripley
An abandoned branch in Derbyshire
Faversham, 2005
Where I was born

Latest places

Around Haversage
We enjoy the Spring sunshine in Derbyshire...or perhaps it was and early summer!

Walks and cycle rides

We both love hiking and biking. Of course we don't do enough of either, but this is a selection of those rambles and rides we've tackled recently.

The copyright of all images and text on these pages belongs to Ralph Mills. They are reproduced at low resolution and small size to discourage misuse! However I usually give permission for their non-commercial use if asked nicely...

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