Adventures and experiences

We met, a long time ago, in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, at the now closed Youth Hostel. We clicked, there was chemistry, and apart from an initial year of long-distance relationship (Lenore in Canada, Ralph in London), we've been pretty well inseperable ever since.

This web site reflects our shared enthusiasms and interests as well as some that we (healthily) don't share!

We both love the outdoors, walking, cycling and just exploring. We also both enjoy travel and photography. Lenore is passionate about tennis and physical activity. I am an archaeologist, deeply interested in the industrial past and the archaeology of the C19th. He's also musical, playing the oboe in his own woodwind ensemble, Aeolus.

I'm a communicator, and Lenore a management consultant. We have our own bijou consultancy, ConBrio Associates Ltd.

Lenore and Ralph, 2012
Lenore and Ralph in Cheltenham, 2012