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My name is pronounced "Rafe", the (correct) old-fashioned English way. I am a citizen of the UK and Canada.

I possess a butterfly brain and suffer from arrested development, both of which are reflected in the contents of this web site.

I have led, and am leading, an odd sort of life. I sometimes wonder if at some time I dropped my life file and got the pages mixed up. As a result, there is no particular logic to, or even reason behind, the peculiar assortment of stuff you'll find here.

It just is.

Ho hum...

It is also meant to be fun, that most important part of life about which we sometimes forget. So please don't grimly search here for enlightenment.

I nevertheless hope that you'll find at least a morsel or two of interest. As those awful grinning servers exclaim as they plonk a plate-full of nondescript mush in front of you at a fastfood restaurant..."Enjoy!"

My life so far
Archaeology: A life in ruins
Music; I play the oboe and other things
Cycling: Freedom on two wheels
Walking: Plodding about
Rusty rails: Industrial archaeology
Damp places: Wetlands
Rants: I'm an opinionated bastard
Boats: Old vessels
Girlfriends: On long legs and short shorts
Places: I've moved around a lot
Family: I have one, strangely
Photography: I poke my lens into the world
Allotment 45: I grow vegetables
Faded paint: Old painted advertisements
Commonplace: My doubtful blog
My work: I'm a writer

UPDATED 14th MAY 2008