day 1 of our escape to andalucia, december 2002

Nottingham to Torrox Pueblo

We left dank, foggy Wilford at 7am, took a taxi to East Midlands Airport, caught the 09:55 Go flight to Malaga, picked up our rented Opel Corsa, drove eastwards through the early afternoon sunshine, were met at Torrox by Tony Venables and his wife from whom we were renting 36 Calle Andazalia, drove to Torrox Costa to pick up groceries and by 17:00 were watching the light fading over the Mediterranean.

Our little house is in a maze of narrow, twisting alleys that snake up the hillside, too narrow for vehicles (our car is parked in a car park, far enough downhill from here for us to gain some cardiovascular exercise carrying our shopping up to the house). From the south-facing balcony we can see the tip of the Christmas tree that stands in Torrox's main square well below us. Like every building in Torrox apart from the church, which dominates the view to the south-west, it is painted white. It has a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom downstairs (I was going to say at ground level, but the hillside is so steep here there is no real ground level) and a lounge and balcony upstairs. It is all very pleasant, spotlessly clean and well-appointed. Tony and his wife are friendly and helpful.

We scoured Torrox Costa's supermercados for vegan stuff, and finally locate soy milk at the Consumer store. Hopefully from now on we'll be able to buy fresh food from the market and local shops.

Back at the house we collapse, exhausted (we only had 4 hours sleep last night) and rest for a couple of hours. Then we wandered around the town, up and down steep alleys and flights of steps. Torrox is lit for Christmas, but is anyway charming at night, when darkness hides the occasional less attractive lumps of concrete and haphazard modern building.

Then a candlelit supper and early to bed...