day 11 of our escape to andalucia, december 2002

We try for the wilderness and don't succeed

It was supposed to be a short walk following the map rather than anyone's guide.

The first attempt, from a track that begins to the north of the Nerja Caves and heads up the Barranco de la Coladilla for a campsite and "recreation area", was foiled right at the start by the atrocious condition of the track's surface. We'd have needed a four-wheel drive at least, and only had our little hired Opel Corsa!

So instead we headed east, seeing a minor road (MA-179) marked heading north and giving access to plenty of caminos. We found the road, and drove to where the tarmac ended (or so we thought) as shown on the map.

We then failed miserably to locate any of the paths marked. Tracks didn't go where they were supposed to, there were lots of recently-surfaced access lanes, paths ended at gates or "Private" signs, and the buildings didn't match the map either.

Having gone up and down a few times and become totally frustrated (oh for the Ordnance Survey!) we gave up and headed south to stand by the Mediterranean at Playa de Cañuelo, where Ralph found two pebbles with holes in them so will have lots of good luck! By the way, if you are tempted to visit this beach, it is a long way down from the car park, and even longer coming back up! And at this time of year the bar isn't open!

We went to sleep with the church bells clanking for midnight mass.


We started out with high hopes...

We crossed this ford but couldn't find the way...

We looked down into this valley and it wasn't the right one...

We got to the top of this hill and it still wasn't right, so we gave up...

At least you can't lose the Mediterranean! Lenore walks westwards along Playa del Cañuelo

Looking east along the almost empty beach

Almost there! The long trudge back up from the beach.

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