day 14 of our escape to andalucia, december 2002

The rain in Spain falls mainly on...

During the night rain begins to fall, heavily. This being a normally dry place, there are few gutters, so when it rains you hear a symphony of drips and splashes and splatters. When we decide to emerge fgrom beneath the duvet it is still raining. So what better to do when it is raining than go shopping!. We drive to the mall at Vélez-Malaga and spend a happy couple of hours indulging in retail therapy. Lenore buys a couple of sexy tops.

Back home to rest after this exhausting morning, and lunch, the Ralph goes for a wander round Torrox Pueblo, determined to see its Roman Bridge. Which he does, after only getting lost once.


We then drive to Frigiliana to look for ceramics. We need big bowls to eat our often-juicy vegan fare, and we eventually find some in the last shop we try. By now it is dark and stormy, and we head back to Torrox to pack. Our last day is drawing to a close. Tomorrow we fly back to Nottingham and English winter. Ho hum...

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