day 6 of our escape to andalucia, december 2002

The Alhambra

This morning it at least isn't raining! We check out and head up the hill, arriving to collect our tickets at 9am.


this isn't a photo-expert's tour — the weather and the hordes of visitors don't allow anything other than a memory of a wonderful place...we bought a book to provide us with quality images

By the time we get back to the base of the outcrop it is raining again, and we decide to eat and then head for home. We have falafels at a little takeaway on Santa Ecolástica, then pick up the car and head out of the city, aiming to take a more scenic route home, via Alhama de Granada. Of course we get lost, go round in circles a few times, get on the A-92 dual carriageway heading towards Seville, before finally turning south towards Chimeneas and then joining the A-388, weirdly,because it isn't what the map says, at Ventas de Huelma.

The rain gets heavier and the clouds get lower as we cross the Sierra Alhama on the A-335. There are no views to be seen. We have a few scary moments when the road becomes slick with rainwater and we aquaplane a little, but we survive, and when we reach the coast the sky is turning blue...