our escape to andalucia, december 2002
spain introduction

Our impressions, thoughts and experiences

The Spanish people we met and interacted with were, almost without exception, friendly, good-humoured, helpful and patient with our stumblings into their language.

December is fine for a winter break. Most of the most popular tourist honeypots are almost empty. You're not going to get a wonderful tan, but we only had two and a half days of rain out of 14, and it was warm enough to sit outside most days from 10am to 6pm. When the sun goes down the temperature drops quickly, and we needed heating some evenings, mostly in the bedroom, just to take the chill and humidity off the air. Spring would be better for temperatures and flowers we guess, but is likely to be more crowded.

Spanish young women wear trousers that are very tight round the bum. Ralph noticed this.

Noisy motorbikes.

Building construction everywhere. Be prepared for cranes on skylines and dumper trucks chugging around.

They need some keen footpath wardens! There are masses of paths accessing wonderful countryside, but finding them and then not getting lost is an art, certainly as far as we were concerned. Ralph, who up to now has pooh-poohed the idea, has decided to buy a gps location device next time he walks on the southern continent...

More follows


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