Two At Large in Spain 2006-7

January 3rd

To Rio Tinto, Aracena and Huelva


Ralph had some research to carry out for an article he was writing, which involved poking around some orchards near El Campillo and Minas de Riotinto. So we drove the nearly 500km from Cómpeta across the plains to Seville, and then into the foothills of the Sierra de Aracena. We paid a visit to Rio Tinto Fruit SA, where we were helped by the charming Maite Garavilla. We then had some hours to kill, so drove on to Aracena, a very pleasant and interesting town with a ruined castle, lots of old buildings (including a church that is still unfinished after more than 300 years) and some caves that we sadly didn't have time to visit. We'll be back! As the sun set we drove south again, and after a second meeting at Rio Tinto Fruit, we comtned to our overnight destination, Huelva.

Not a popular tourist destination, Huelva , as Maite Garavilla said: "...isn't Seville!" But it's not too bad, apart from a singular lack of restaurants suitable for vegans. There are long narrow pedestrianised shopping streets, and people milling about as the shops finally shut at 9:00pm, and big bunches of cheerful teens outside tapas bars, and quiet drinking holes and trees.