Lenore Ogilvy and Ralph Mills hiking in Spain

Seeking sunshine and attempting getting away from the frantic hoo-ha of the "festive season" we set off late on December 24th to spend a couple of weeks as far south on the European continent as we could reach from East Midlands Airport. We were headed for Cómpeta, a village of white-painted houses an hour or so east of Malaga.

We booked our accommodation through the very efficient and helpful Competa Direct web site.

Here's our diary:

December 24th: We arrive, eat Sos-mix
December 25th: We recover, eat Sos-mix
December 26th: We find proper food
December 27th: Our first walk
December 28th: A misprint adds 10km to today's walk
December 29th: Malaga
December 30th We walk up the Rio Cajula
December 31st Rest day
January 1st We walk to Las Minas
January 2nd To La Viñuela and Salares
January 3rd To Rio Tinto and Huelva
January 4th Back from Huelva
January 5th We walk beyond Salares
January 6th The three kings come to Cómpeta
January 7th Ten minutes in Torremolinos

Photo albums
Cómpeta, Archez, Canillas de Albaida, Competa The circular walk that everyone does!
Puerto Blanquilla A great hike that turned out to be longer than we'd expected.
Rio Cajula A nice walk up a quiet valley.
Las Minas A gentle walk with great views.
A window on Salares Ralph goes window-mad (not for the easily-bored).
Aracena A few pix from our venture into north western Andalucia
Above Salares Another walk that circles a valley