Two At Large in Spain 2006-7

December 24th

Nottingham to Cómpeta

We arrived in Cómpeta, exhausted, at 9:00pm.

Nottingham had been grey and dismal when we left, having trundled our suitcases across Forest Fields to the tram and then caught the bus to join the assorted holidaymakers at East Midlands airport, but the cloud cleared as we flew over northern Spain, and we landed in sunshine at 6:00pm.

However it was dark by the time Ralph drove us out of Malaga in a brand-new Hyundai diesel hired from Centauro. We zig-zagged up the narrow climbing road from Velez-Malaga in second and third gear, following the pretty good instructions provided by our holiday-let landlord, to arrive as planned and unscathed in the municipal car park in Cómpeta.

Our ultimate destination, a little house reached by climbing the near-45 degree slopes and wriggles of Calle Laberinto. The house was, of course, in total darkness. Fortunately the power switch is within a groping arm's length of the front door, and we were in... The house was on three floors that, in the fashion of these villages, are intimately entwined within the houses of its neighbours, so that disembodied voices emerged mysteriously from cupboards or from outside windows. It was full of character and contained an eclectic mix of comfortable holiday-home furniture.

Each floor was, however, reached by a steep and high-stepped staircase, which would present an almost unsurmountable challenge to anyone of a certain age or with inflexible knees!

It being Christmas Eve and a Sunday there had been only a few filling station shops open on the way, and so we dined on the Sos-Mix that L had packed plus tinned corn and tinned lentils, washed down by a bottle of Amstel beer. It nevertheless tasted good!! We piled some extra blankets on the bed, and then...sleep at last.