Two At Large in Spain 2006-7

December 29th


Today was our Malaga day.

We planned to visit the Alcazaba, the castle of Gibralfaro,tour a few shops, and wander around a little. Too mean to pay for parking, we found as space at the foot of the outcrop that is crowned by the fort and strolled into town. We thought the ticket machines at the Alcazaba only took 5 and 10 euro notes and change (we'd run out of the latter) so wasted half an hour looking in vain for a paper shop to split a 20 euro note, in the end bought some expensive chocolate covered nuts only to discover that the machines did take 20 euro notes after all, it just didn't say so. Grrr.

We wandered the Alcazaba. Last time I was here it was cold and wet. Today it was sunny and warm and full of tourists, like us. We were the usual, the shaven-headed English bloke with his Canadian partner and his earrings and his barrel chest and or two attractive women and men skulking about...but mostly we were the great average: here a woman tottering in high heels over the cobbles, there a fat young North American woman with pneumatic buttock tops bulging so far over the waistband of her jeans that you had to look away, healthy-looking German families, people with expensive digital cameras, giggly Korean girls (one handsome one plain), people in love, people bored, people too flabby to attmpt the stairs, people gabbling away on their mobile phones.

We had lunch at the El Vegetariano de la Alcazabilla, where we failed to make the waiter understand that we wanted the a la carte menu so ended up with the special, a lentil stew that actually wasn't at all bad, with a couple of banana fritters. Sadly, by the time we ate, the sun had deserted the alley where the tables were set out in the open.

Then we trotted around town and L bought a shortish skirt (i.e. quite short but not as short as I'd have liked but not bad so I'm not complaining too much) before walking up to the castle, which I'd not been to before and which is really a sort of rather splendid medieval viewing platform over Malaga, with lots of walls and little turrets smelling of pee and walkways along which you have to squeeze by lots ov overweight tourists heading in the opposite direction, and a rather neglected-looking garden and a café. From above, Malaga was misty with pollution, but the views were still excellent. L drove us back to Cómpeta for practice.

Malaga in the mist

Malaga bathed in misty pollution!

The new skirt...
The Malaga skirt

Malaga church doorway

Malaga church doorway