The road to Las Minas

This was a mostly easy stroll from the Torrox Road end of Competa. The route winds up through a cluster of modern villas before entering the Parc Natural. From now on it is simply a matter of following the forestry roads until you reach the Xxxxx viewpoint. Turning second left here, the road clings to the flank of xxxxxxx, giving plenty of views down to the Mediterranean at Torrox.

Just before the track reachges the now-closed hotel at las Minas, a path clambers steeply up the hillside to reach the forestry road we followed on the hike to Puerto Xxxxxx last week.

A gentle amble down the road brings us out above Competa again.

This is an ideal walk for a less strenuous day, though we still felt superior to those idle types who simply drove to the viewpoint, got out, took a couple of photographs and then drove away again. Ho hum.