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We spent much of 1997 wandering around the western states of the USA and driving across Canada. As we went we recorded our experiences in a series of web pages.

We travelled in a Chevvy panel van nicknamed "Thunder" with enough hardware inside to guide the shuttle, and uploaded our web pages whenever we could persuade someone to let us use their phone jack.

For sentimental reasons we've left the pages as we created them on the road — a bit rough and ready, with the occasional squashed fly, but still fun for us to read and share.

Lenore recorded her thoughts as a diary. Ralph just wrote when he felt like it.

We didn't attempt to do the continent, trying to whizz around and visit every state and province. Even if we wished to, it would have been impossible to really get to know two such vast countries in the amount of time we had.

Nevertheless we attempted to experience some of the USA and Canada and its peoples in enough depth to think and write about them.


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Updated 28th May 2002