Ralph Mills and Lenore Ogilvy walk along the ridge above the Derwent reservoirs, Derbyshire
A walk along Derwent Edge

This walk is a very popular one, so we met more than our usual two fellow hikers, but it was a beautiful early autumn day, and there was plenty of view to share with everyone, and if we avoided all the honeypots we'd never get to see what the fuss is all about!

The main challenge after parking the car was avoiding being run over by cyclists and trampled by a charity walk. But as soon as you leave the reservoir-side path all is peace and quiet. Most of the hard work was at the beginning of the walk, when we climbed up from Derwent Reservoir, at first through damp woodland and then up the steep slope of Greystones Moss. The path levelled out across the peat of Green Stitches before a final climb up to Lost Lad and Black Tor, the first of a series of gritstone outcrops, each sculpted into abstract shapes. The sun came out, and views were mistily spectacular. We followed the path, which at times has been repaired using flagstones to protect the peat, along the ridge, passing and being passed by probably 50 other walkers. After Wheel Stones we zig-zagged down to the eastern side of Ladybower Reservoir and back into the path of the cyclists, for a gentle stroll back to the car.