Ralph and Lenore hike with friends from Heage to Belper, Derbyshire

Jenny and Darren live in Heage, Derbyshire. Jenny plays clarinet in Aeolus, Ralph's wind ensemble. Darren is an inveterate walker who also appreciates a good pint of beer. So he devised a walk that not only satisfied Ralph's lust for old stones, but also included a decent pub (or two as it happened).

At Morley Park, on the outskirts of Heage, we passed the remains of Heage Iron Works (1780/1818), the first coke-fired blast furnaces in Derbyshire, still impressive despite now being surrounded by quiet fields instead of belching smoke and rattling tramways. What followed was a gentle ramble through Derbyshire countryside, some of it almost parkland, until we reached Holbrook Moor, where we devoured chips (in the Wheel Inn) and beer (in The Dead Poet's Inn). From there it was mostly downhill to Belper, where we picked up a car... A very enjoyable outing.